Bacon League

The Bacon League has begun! Take part in events and competitions to appease the Lord of Bacon, Earn rewards and gain rankings withing the Bacon Lords court for a chance to earn a very special reward at the Druids of the Beast 11th Birthday the Big Bacon Bundle Box(Guaranteed to contain Bacon and other things).

Events are approximately twice a month with rewards for winners each event but points earned will carry throughout the season and will give a greater chance to win the Big Bacon Bundle Box.

The first Bacon League event took place on the 22nd of Aug with a prize of 5000 Gold going to the winning team and alot of Bacon Points awarded. To read the commentary of the event please visit our Facebook page.

The next Bacon League Event is to be held on 23rd if Sept at 8pm Server time all that is required to take part is a level 60+ with flying and Team Speak, a Bonus event if enough people can bring Aviana’s Feather. There will be 3 rounds (+possible bonus round) consisting of both individual and group games. The rewards will be 2x lvl 25 Rare Battle Pets. (Can always be sold on the AH if your not a pet battler). For more info or details see the Lord of Bacon or one of his minions.

To toy or not to Toy, that is the question!

News for all druids! 

During our epic awesome raids, progression raids or casual fun raids. Please do wait using your toys!
We have a lot of raid footage and screenshots obscured by tauren, goblins and gnomes!
So for the future, whenever screenshots and recordings are required please wait using your when we aren’t in need of recording.

Growth items and flame kitty is acceptable though!