On the event page you can see planned upcoming larger events, and our Seasonal Events.
Here is the list of events. Scroll down to see more details:


Big-Bear Bonus are events where raid bosses, areas or endgame raids are cleared in only-guardian spec!
Fear not if you don’t have the gear – it’s all for fun and bears are meant to be naked anyway!


Monster Adventures:
Take part in small adventure events hosted by Monsterbaby! The events can be brief or take several hours. Certain requirements may apply sometimes, such as flying, slow-fall, having certain abilities and so on. Together we will go and adventure in corners of Azeroth, finding hidden achievements, quests and locations!
See in-game calendar, message of the day, and slack for when these events happen!

Seasonal Events:


Seasonal Events are low level capped events at 60 and 70. We will venture into old content as only-druids capped at a fixed level. Seasonal events will only happen during a few planned weeks with months in-between. Once a seasonal event is over, the content will no longer be run, so join during the weeks they’re available.  In order to join the Seasonal Events, you must have a Druid at Level 60, in “Druids of the Beast” on <Tarren Mill> as Horde. If you are not a current member and wish to join our seasonal events, write an email to:

Overall requirements:
A druid locked at its appropriate level
Teamspeak 3
No Heirlooms
Avoid doing any TBC dungeons or TBC content on your level 60 character

See our Seasonal Event Level 60 teaser below:


The first seasonal event planned is Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj at level 60. This is a 20 player raid.
Currently AQ has been cleared several times and will be cleared in the future if larger raids have a small number of attendance.

The second seasonal event planned is Molten Core at level 40. This is a 40 player raid.
Molten Core will be the 2nd Seasonal Event between 15-40 people attending.


The third sesonal event is Temple of Ahn’ Qiraj at level 40. This is a 40 player raid.