FAQFrequently asked questions:

Got a question not on the list? Feel free to ask questions at: Info@Druidsofthebeast.com

You guys must fight over loot? (#1 FAQ)

No, and we never have. People playing just to get loot would never join a druid guild. Rolling for MS/OS has worked out for us for nearly 10 years.

How do you gear up? (#2 FAQ)

We’re mainly using personal loot, crafted items, world boss drops etc.

What’s so special about only-druid raiding? (#3 FAQ)

We lack a lot of utility and buffs which other classes provide. Not only do we suffer from healing penalties, but every dps in the raid also deals 25% less dps than one normally would in a normal raid. We also lack offensive dispelling which can be crucial in certain boss fights, such as Maloriak,    Protectors of the Endless and Blast Furnace 

..But why do you do it?

We enjoy the challenge and find it awesome raiding with only druids. We like to show others it’s fully possible doing alternative raiding in WoW.

How often do you raid? Tuedays and Thursdays 19:50-22:30 CEST every week. 

Do you do other things than raiding? Sometimes, we used to do parades and such, but as there is no capital cities anymore they are less fun as usual.

What server / Region are you guys on? Shadowsong/Aszune Europe, as Alliance.

When was the guild founded?  August 15 2005

How did you come up with an idea of an only-druid guild? Guild Master was drunk at the time.

How many members are in the guild? Above 250, most of them are level 100.

Any Only-Druid PVP? Not currently. We’re focusing entirely on our progress in Hellfire Citadel at the moment.

Hardcore or Casual? We would probably be best described as Casual-Progressive… Raiding with only-druids is very difficult compared to all-class raiding, so our raiding is not casual, but our atmosphere and guild attitude are, as we enjoy a good atmosphere and flexible options for everyone.

How do I join!? Check out the “Join us” Tab.

Can I join cross-realm? No, we currently do not accept Cross-realm druids for our raids.

Do I have to be in the Alliance guild to be part of the Horde guild? No, but it is recommended, as our Horde guild on Tarren Mill is a seasonal guild it will only have activities at specific times, and host no regular activities. For regular activities and social activity, our Alliance guild is the place to be.

Do I have to level cap my druid to 60 to be in the Horde guild? No, but you cannot participate in the raid events beyond its recommended level.