Join us

If you wish to join Druids of the Beast please write an email to: joinoin

In the email please include following:download

:Why you would like to join an only-druid guild

:If you are interested in raiding with only druids

:Where did you hear about Druids of the Beast

:Will you be leveling a level 1 druid, transferring a druid or joining on a current druid on Shadowsong/Aszune EU!

:Please include a description about yourself; age, location, your hobbies, interests etc.

You’ll also have to go through a thorough interview as we are trying out best to let everyone feel welcome and part of the good atmosphere. This interview can take place both in game or via email.

Once you’ve applied, you will receive a reply from one of our officers or our Guild Master between 24 hours and 3 days.

We do unfortunately not accept more cross-realm members in our raids at this time. We are at its current limit: 3.
We are currently full on tanks in our raiding team!


Joining the Raid team!

If you are interested in joining our raiding team we have certain requirements which need to be fulfilled:

  • Have Teamspeak 3 installed and ready for raid
  • Good knowledge of the class and your rotation
  • A Will to improve
  • Upgrading and improving gear
  • Have items of epic quality enchanted
  • Items with sockets gemmed

When joining our raid team, you may require improvement before being able to join all raiding days.
We have no participation/activity requirements.

We run raids with a laid back attitude, laughter and fun!

Joining as social!

Joining as a social will still enable you to participate in our raids if you fulfill our upper requirements.

We encourage socials to participate in our social atmosphere, and take part in events, this is however fully optional!

 Joining for Seasonal Events!
If you wish to join our Horde guild on Tarren Mill to participate in our Seasonal Events, please specify in the email.
The Tarren Mill “Druids of the Beast” is only a seasonal guild, so it will only offer seasonal activity for when we’re doing level 60 content.
Our main raids, events and content will be entirely hosted on Shadowsong as Alliance.