Druids of the Beast

The Druid Guild

Druids of the Beast

We are the world’s greatest all-druid guild in Wow, founded in 2005. Since late Vanilla we have consistently been raiding content with all druids, enjoying the challenges and fun that comes with it!

Over the years we’ve been featured in various sites, magazines and articles, but our focus remains on keeping things casual, having a good atmosphere and making everyone feel welcome.

We’re located on EU Shadowsong/Aszune as Alliance.

Join us!

Druids of the Beast is located on the EU realm Shadowsong and Aszune, as Alliance.
If you would like to join us, we are always listed in the in-game Guild Finder! If you browse for Raids and Large guilds, we will show up! – Any spec is welcome. (Main-Tank spot unavailable)

If you have any questions in regards to joining us, or if you will transfer a Druid to Shadowsong [A] please write an email to Join@Druidsofthebeast.com.

Once you join the guild, you will have the option as well to join our Druid Discord channel. It is used for chats and banter, and all things inside and outside WOW.

Non-Druid Alts, are not permitted to join, but you’re welcome to have as many druids are you like in the guild! We do have an Alt-Guild for all races and classes!

All Druid Raiding

Since late Vanilla we’ve taken the additional challenge to raid all content as all-druids. Currently we’re focused around Heroic Raiding, starting up in Normal for each new raid tier.

We have an open-raid structure, so you’re flexible to join if you are late or if you have to leave early. We do not require attendance or sign-up in order to join.

Everyone of any skill level can join the casual raids. Progression raids may occasionally have gear requirements.

Raiding Schedule:
Wednesday – Casual Raid: 19:50 – 22:30 CET
Monday – Progression Raid 19:50 – 22:30 CET

Teamspeak is required.

We’re on Twitter & YouTube!